Scholarly Submissions Guidelines

The Canadian Children's Rights Council accepts scholarly submissions from students, teachers and professors from Canadian private and public educational institutions, organizations and members of the public.

Submission Content

Scholarly submissions should contain information, analysis or positions of interest to those examining or studying children's rights issues, usually but not always, applicable to issues in Canada.

Our website is promoted to policy advisors and politicians across Canada. We usually find it more productive to ask them to visit our website for our detailed positions rather than sending them hundreds of written pages. Websites may be updated or additions made for immediate review by policy makers. Our electronic website format is searchable and links provide cross references for visitors.

We encourage you to provide positive, well written positions that have either been peer reviewed or faculty reviewed and recommended.

We do not edit submissions. We either accept them as our volunteer editors'  time permits or reject them. In either case, we will email you back our response, usually within 7 days. This is subject to availability of our volunteers' time.

Where to send submissions

Please send your submissions as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format (.doc file) to:

Enter "Scholarly Submission Request" in the email subject  to expedite acceptance.  Emails with other subjects sometimes get deleted by our spam prevention software by mistake. If you don't get back an email response within 7 days acknowledging your submission request, please send us another email.

Include the following information in your email for our records:

Your first and last name.

Your full address

Your phone number

Make sure that your submitted Microsoft Word document contains your name, position (ie. "student", "faculty member", "professor", "teacher" etc) and the educational institution name, if applicable.


You retain the copyright. You should state that at the bottom of your Microsoft Word document. If we accept your submission, we will send you a PDF form for you to mail back to us with your permission to publish the submission as content on our website.

No Payment or Fee

There is no compensation to you and there is no charge to you for publishing your submission.


We reserve the right to delete any submissions from our website at anytime without notice, explanation or the author's involvement. We do not "revise" submissions. For details relating to deletions of the entire and resubmissions, email us.

Identity and Privacy Information Warning

Internet search engines are becoming more revealing and inclusive of identity information. Authors should limit  information about themselves, their organizations, schools, their own identity information on the Microsoft Word document submission.

The Butterbox Babies Story

The Ideal Maternity Home is infamous for the Butterbox Babies.

The Ideal Maternity Home operated in East Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada from the late 1920s through at least the late 1940s. William and Lila Young operated it. William was a chiropractor and Lila was a midwife, although she advertised herself as an obstetrician.

While they were tried for various crimes involving the home, including manslaughter, the entire truth of the horrors perpetrated there was not widely known until much later.