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International Youth Day - United Nations - August 12

United Nations' definition of youth is people from 15 to 24 years of age

United Nations International Youth Day  - 12 August, 2009

SUSTAINABILITY: Our Challenge. Our Future.

Sustainability does not only refer to maintaining environmental balance and renewal. Sustainability encapsulates three facets of life: the environment, society and the economy. We live our lives in the overlaps and intersections of these facets, and our actions and attitudes help shape them. Their changing shapes in turn affect the way we are able to live our lives. The negative effects of unsustainable behaviour are not easily contained. As has been proven by the global crises in food, the economy and the environment, the concept of the global village has gone beyond being a useful analogy to being a hard reality, making clear the need to adopt a global sense of social responsibility.

With these things in mind, as the energizers of today and the holders of tomorrow, it is imperative that youth embrace the challenge of sustainability in its fullness as they help pave the way forward through the 21st century and beyond. Youth action, inclusion, and their full participation are key to developing today's world for the generations of today and tomorrow and central to a sustainable existence.

What is happening around the world to mark the day?

Global Initiatives

Shoot Nations Photo Competition!   To commemorate the Day, young people (11 to 25) from all around the world can submit photographs and drawings to participate in a global photography competition "Shoot Nations". A selection of photographs will be presented to the United Nations and displayed at UN Headquarters from 3-14 August in commemoration of International Youth Day. For Read More .. information, please visit  or email:

About International Youth Day ( IYD )

The General Assembly on 17 December 1999 in its resolution 54/120, endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.

The Assembly recommended that public information activities be organized to support the Day as a way to promote better awareness of the World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond, adopted by the General Assembly in 1995 (resolution 50/81).

United Nations Resolution - World Programme of Action for Youth  - GENERAL  A/RES/50/81  13 March 1996 PDF Click here

United Nations Resolution - Policies and programmes involving youth  - GENERAL  A/RES/54/120  20 January 2000 PDF Click here

Themes for IYD

Previous Celebrations of International Youth Day include:

Youth at the United Nations 

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