Media Requests

We go to great lengths to accommodate the media

Our media spokesperson is normally available 7 days a week 9am - 9pm Toronto, Ontario, Canada ( EST )

We have done a considerable number of radio call-in shows by telephone across Canada and are frequently quoted in news broadcasts. We have appeared on all major TV networks in Canada including CBC, CTV and Global and been interviewed at length on important child rights issues. Please be patient when calling our telephone line.

We have gone to great lengths to provide complete website content with articles, government studies, relevant public policy and laws from other countries to assist the media to quickly research a child rights topic.

Be in front of your computer with our website open when you call

It is helpful to be in front of your computer with our website open when you call us. We can then direct you to the relevant sections of our 2,000 page website and our position statements to assist you to quickly get the information you need saving you time and assisting you to provide better and more informed news coverage of a child rights issue.  Remember our "About Us" webpage. Just because an article is on our website does not mean that we agree in whole or part with the content. It is there to assist you to see what others have written about important child rights issues in the past. We try to provide important positions taken by other organizations as well as our own positions and analysis. Part of our mandate is archival as a virtual library of child rights in Canada.

Please identify yourself?

For our records, we will ask you, to forward by email, the name of your radio/TV station, your contact information including your full address, the name of the show or host, an Internet link to your station and a link ( if applicable) to your Internet broadcast of the show, the date and local time of the broadcast or publishing date ( for written media ) and the name and telephone number of your contact such as the show's producer, or the person arranging the interview, before giving an interview. We often can exchange email addresses with you by email over the internet while on the phone. In any event, we always send a return email within 24 hours. If you don't get a return email, it may be because of an error in the email address or it was stopped by a spam filter. If you don't get a response within 24 hours, call us. If you are arranging interviews for a show, provide the producer's name and email address even if they won't be contacted because you are arranging the interview.

Provide a free copy of the broadcast / publication for our records / archives / website

We ask that the media provide a copy of the show for our archives / records / website / public display. Radio shows may provide any common format ( ie .wav .mp3 etc ) or TV shows can be any popular format such as Mpeg2 or mp4 media files.

These can be emailed to us using DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive for large files.

By Telephone

Telephone 416-268-5448

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