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Child Relationship Support

The courts have repeatedly stated that denial of access is child abuse, starting with Trembaly v. Tremblay (1987) in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench and cited with approval in numerous cases across Canada to this day (including a recent case in the SK CoA earlier this year.

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..As stated in the case of Simpson v. Simpson, CA02097, August 16, 2002 in the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan:

[5] It is clear from a review of the file that the respondent wife has refused to comply with court orders to provide access, even extending to court orders to which she has consented. She has refused to deliver the children either directly to the applicant husband or to a neutral drop off point. In circumstances like these, and in the absence of any evidence that it would be in the best interest of the children not to order interim custody to the parent who is denied access, it is important that one who consistently flaunts orders of the court not do so with impunity. I agree with the comments of Madam Justice Trussler in Tremblay v. Tremblay, [1987] 6 W.W.R. 742 at 745,in which she stated that:

I start with the premise that a parent has the right to see his or her children and is only to be deprived of that right if he or she has abused or neglected the children. Likewise, and Read More ..portant, a child has a right to the love, care and guidance of a parent. To be denied that right by the other parent without sufficient justification, such as abuse or neglect, is, in itself, a form of child abuse.

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