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About personal case advocacy

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources or mandate to do personal case advocacy. We do not give legal advice. We do talk in general terms and give information on children's rights issues.

We appreciate discussing and hearing about certain cases of interest for the purposes of gaining a better understanding of your circumstances and how government policy or laws affect you and your family.  This also assists us to provide better information on our website.

You should consult your own lawyer for legal advice. Your lawyer will review all the facts of your case and can give you legal advice and a legal opinion. See our "Disclaimer" and "Terms of Use" web pages

Telephone number for the Canadian Children's Rights Council - Conseil canadien des droits des enfants

Telephone 416-268-5448

Please note: The Canadian Children's Rights Council doesn't provide personal case advocacy.

Calls from the public are accepted from 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

Calls from the media are accepted between 9 am and 8 pm, Toronto, Ontario, Canada time, 7 days a week, by our media spokesperson, as time permits.

No Fax:

We do not receive fax transmissions. We do not own a fax machine and we do not subscribe to any incoming fax services of any kind. Any facsimile transmissions sent to our volunteers, addressed to us, for the purpose of communication with us, are automatically destroyed without reading.

This is our policy because of past communication problems that we have experienced with the large number of parents involved with the 120,000 children across Canada, at any given time, that are in care of governments. Personal case advocacy is not part of our mandate.

Emails Addresses Are Confidential

We do not have a public email address. The reason is that we use to received hundreds of emails daily from parents trying to get us to provide personal case advocacy and legal advice which we do not do.

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