Divorced Dads Book

Divorced Dads: Shattering The Myths

By Sanford L. Braver and Diane O'Connell

"Divorced Dads, Shattering the Myths"  is a result of the largest federally funded 8 year study in the United States of the issues confronting divorced parents and their children.

It dispels many false assumptions that are presented by governments and lobby groups with the truth based on researched facts.

Some of the myths it shattered which are covered by the research include:

  • deadbeat dads,
  • no-show dads,
  • standards of living after separation,
  • terms of divorce,
  • the emotional impact and issues of divorce, and
  • who leaves the marriage, why, and why it matters.

The book proposes rational custody policies based on research.

The truths presented in this book contradict much of what is pushed as truth by governments, and lobbyists from non-governmental organizations.

A must read for anyone concerned with divorce issues. It separates the truth from the propaganda.

This book should be read by all politicians legislating divorce and child support laws.

  • Hardcover: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 9.25 x 6.25
  • Publisher: J. P. Tarcher; (October 1998)
  • ISBN: 087477862X

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Day Care in Canada

CBC Television News Online, February 9, 2005

It was first proposed in 1970 a program that would provide affordable day care across the country. It was promised when Brian Mulroney and the Conservatives swept to power in 1984. And again four years later.

By the time Jean Chretien's Liberals did some political sweeping of their own in 1993, promises of a national day-care strategy had fallen victim to the realities of a government wallowing in debt. With budgetary knives sharpened and drawn, day care would have to wait.

But the economic climate began to shift and in 1997, Quebec introduced its own day-care system, offering spaces at $5 a day. Demand quickly surpassed supply.