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Lawsuit Planned in Arrest of 8-Year-Old

By Associated Press, various newspapers in the U.S.A. and Canada, August 31, 2004

ESPANOLA, N.M. -- The mother of a third-grader handcuffed and taken to the police station after hitting another child with a basketball has filed a notice that she intends to sue the Espanola school district, city police and the jail.

"We're pretty traumatized by the whole thing," said Angelica Esquibel, a teacher's aide for the district. "I don't feel safe with my children attending the Espanola schools."

According to a juvenile citation for disorderly conduct, Jerry Trujillo, 8, was arrested and booked into the Espanola jail Thursday after he "got out of control and refused to go back to class."

"The whole thing was absurd. The boy was in a holding cell crying," Esquibel's attorney, Sheri Raphaelson, said after filing tort claims Monday. "He was booked the same way you or I would be if we were arrested for DWI."

State Children, Youth and Families Department spokesman Matt Dillman said James H. Rodriguez Elementary School officials did not call local juvenile probation officials about the incident.

"In any case when a police department makes a decision to put a juvenile in detention, our juvenile probation office needs to know," he said Monday.

Juvenile probation officials do not know if the boy was formally detained, said Becky Ballentine, juvenile justice deputy director. Formally detained means a juvenile meets criteria on a form filled out by a probation officer and police, she said.

Her office will conduct a preliminary inquiry, she said.

Espanola Deputy Police Chief Nick Lovato said Monday police are doing a full report on the incident.

A police report says Jerry was arrested, taken to jail, booked and released to his parents.

The child was "noncompliant, refusing to calm down, refusing to pay attention to authorities," Lovato said.

He said the officer treated the child respectfully, bent down to his level and called him "mijito," a term of endearment. Raphaelson contended Jerry had run to his mother, who was trying to calm him down, when the officer handcuffed him.

Raphaelson and Esquibel said the child was taken to the jail adjacent to the police station, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and put in a holding cell. Raphaelson contended he also was fingerprinted, although she said children under age 13 cannot be fingerprinted without a court order.

Esquibel said school officials called police over her objections.

The Associated Press left a message Tuesday seeking comment from Espanola schools Superintendent Vernon Jaramillo.

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Toronto Sun - Mother found guilty of killing all 4 babies

"Murder in the nursery"
Australian mom killed her 4 babies

TORONTO SUN, May 23, 2003

It seemed a tragic coincidence - at first.

Craig and Kathleen Folbigg's first son died in his sleep at 19 days old. Their next child, Patrick, died two years later at nine months.

Still, it was after their fourth baby died before Australian police suspected something was terribly wrong.

In Sydney's New South Wales State Supreme Court this week, Kathleen Folbigg, 35, was found guilty of killing all four of her babies.

The jury's work would have been made much easier if they had been allowed to read Folbigg's entire secret diary. In it, she practically confesses to following in her dad's deadly footsteps.

"Obviously I am my father's daughter," the Australian woman wrote in her diary Oct. 14, 1996, having already killed three of her four children.

"But I think losing my temper and being frustrated and everything has passed. I now just let things happen and go with the flow. An attitude I should of had with all my children, if given the chance, I'll have it with the next one."

Folbigg was pregnant at the time with her fourth child. She would go on to kill her as well.

Mother Shoots father, has his Baby and then kills the Baby and Herself

Investigation into the Death of Zachary Andrew Turner (18 July 2002 to 18 August 2003)

Zachary Turner, a 13 months old baby, died at the hands of his fugitive mother, Dr. Shirley Turner, who killed him and then committed suicide on August 18, 2003.

Turner was facing extradition to the United States to stand trial for the 2001 murder of Dr. Andrew Bagby, Zachary's father.

28-year-old Dr. Andrew Bagby was found shot to death in Keystone State Park, 55 kilometres northeast of Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.

Turner fled to Newfoundland, Canada where Zachary was born. She was out on bail against the wishes of U.S. authorities at the time of Zachary's death. Read More ..

Boy, 8, found dead; mom faces charge

Canadian Press, (various newspapers across Canada, including the Toronto Star) Aug. 16, 2006.

ISLE LA MOTTE, Vt. A Montreal mother recovering from alleged self-inflicted wounds will be charged in the coming days with murdering her 8-year-old son, whose body was found in Lake Champlain, a Vermont state attorney said today.

I am going to prepare a charge of first-degree murder, Grand Isle States Attorney David Miller said in a telephone interview. Read More ..

Mothers Who Kill Their Own Children


Affair led to mother murdering her own kids

Days after buying another woman Valentine's Day flowers, a Sydney father came home to find a trail of blood leading him to the bodies of his two young children lying next to their mother, a court has been told.

Australian Associated Press
Aug 24 2009

The woman had given the couple's three-year-old daughter and four-year-old son rat poison and an unidentified pink liquid before smothering them and killing them, court papers said.

She then tried to take her own life, the NSW Supreme Court was told.

Doctors agree the mother, from Canley Heights in Sydney's west, was suffering from "major depression" when she poisoned her children on February 19 last year.

She has pleaded not guilty to the two murders by reason of mental illness.

As her judge-alone trial began, the mother's lawyer told Justice Clifton Hoeben his client didn't think life was worth living after learning about her husband's affair.

Wicked mum murdered son, 8, with electrical cables after he caught her in sex romps with his granddad

The Mirror, UK, October 19 2016

Vicious Veronica Panarello throttled her son Loris to death and abandoned his body in a remote gully after he found out about the fling.

Veronica Panarello, the mother-killer

The "manipulative" mum,  wept as she was jailed for 30 years at a court in Italy on Monday


A wicked mum who brutally murdered her eight-year-old son after he allegedly discovered she was having an affair with his grandfather has been jailed.

Vicious Veronica Panarello throttled her son Loris Stival with electrical cables and abandoned his body in a remote gully after he found out about the fling.

The "manipulative" mum wept as she was jailed for 30 years at a court in Italy on Monday.

Panarello, 28, had tried to pretend her son had been abducted to cover up the horrendous killing in November 2014.

Panarello throttled her eight-year-old son Loris to death with electrical cables. Read More ..