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Girl, 12, attacked at party after kissing boy

Associated Press, various newspapers Canada and the U.S.A., March 10, 2004

BALTIRead More ..A 12-year-old girl was beaten into a coma by a group of other girls and women after she kissed the boyfriend of another girl on a dare, police said.

Three adult women and two teenage girls have been charged in the beating of Nicole Townes, who remained in a coma Wednesday more than a week after the attack at a Feb. 28 party.

"I have seen people beaten to death, but not a child and not for no apparent reason," Detective Donny Moses said. "This is a hideous story."

The attack happened after an unidentified boy, also 12, was dared to kiss Nicole. After the kiss, his 14-year-old girlfriend attacked Nicole, and others joined in, beating the girl for at least 30 minutes.

Monique Baldwin, 36, and Erin Baldwin, 19, were charged with attempted murder and assault, said Moses, who said he didn't know the relationship between the two. Kenya Keene, 25, was charged with assault and conspiracy to commit child abuse.

Two unidentified teens, ages 13 and 14, were also arrested, but Moses said he did not know the specific charges against them.

The adults are also accused of giving false statements about what happened, telling authorities Townes fell and hit her head on a wall.