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 Girl, 8, suspended over Jell-O shots

Associated Press, December 8, 2004

NEW ORLEANS, U.S.A.(AP) --- An eight-year old girl was suspended for nine days for bringing to school what appeared to be about 30 "Jell-O shots" -- although it was unclear whether they contained alcohol.

The incident occurred Nov. 29, as the girl stood after classes outside Geraldine Boudteaux Elementary School in Terrytown, a New Orleans suburb. A teacher found what looked like the small cups of alcohol-laced gelatine that are sold in bars, school spokesman Jeff Nowakowski said.

The girl told the principal that her mother, who works in a bar, makes alcoholic shots at home and sells them at work. The grade 4 student said her mother had instructed her to take the shots to school and sell them, three for $1, to make some money for Christmas, Nowakowski said.