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Record number in CAS care

The Belleville Intelligencer, Belleville, Ontario, By Barry Ellsworth, Local News - Saturday, May 6, 2006

Drugs and domestic violence are the principal reasons for a record number of children finding protection under the care of the Hastings Childrens Aid Society, says its executive director.

We now have just over 500 kids in care, Len Kennedy said, Friday. They cover the full (age) range.

Thats more than double the provincial average of about nine per 1,000 population, Kennedy said. In Hastings County, the number is now almost 20 children per 1,000 population. Last year, the CAS had 440 kids in care. The numbers include newborns to those aged 21.

The increase is the main reason the board is asking the province for an eight per cent jump in its 2006-07 budget to $29 million, up from last years actual expenses of about $27 million. Childrens aid societies are funded by the province.

Family breakdowns are the prime cause for the skyrocketing rate of children being placed with the CAS, he said.

We see a tremendous amount of drug abuse (and) domestic violence, Kennedy said, adding it is necessary to get children out of those potentially explosive situations. We are quite concerned.

The numbers were discussed by CAS board members at their monthly meeting Thursday in Belleville.

Kennedy said the board decided to get in touch with other CAS agencies to get fresh ideas on how to cope with the rising care rate.

Of the 500, 54 are aged 16 to 17, and 52 are over 18, he said. CAS will keep those up to age 21 in care as long as they are attending school or making other efforts to better themselves, Kennedy said. Most of the teens have been wards of the CAS for years.

They are growing up in our system, he said. Thats when you really start to see the turnaround. It illustrates that the Society is fulfilling its commitment. We dont push them out the door.

There are three options for wards of the CAS. They can be adopted 25 were finalized last year put in foster care or in some cases, in a group home, Kennedy said.

The vast majority would be served in foster care, he said.

However, the increase in children also means the CAS needs more foster parents.

Thats why the CAS started the program, Every Child Deserves to be a Kid, in 2004 and is continuing with it. A new training program for foster parents is also underway.

The CAS will hold its Quinte Youth Awards May 30 at the Empire Theatre and its annual general meeting June 14 with guest speaker Judge Kent Kirkland talking about family court.

To find out more about adoption and foster parenting, call the CAS at 962-9291 or toll free at 1-800-267-0570.

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Woman convicted of killing 3 kids after custody battle


HELSINKI, Finland - A court in Finland has convicted a woman of murdering her three young children and has given her a life sentence.

The Espoo District Court says Thai-born Yu-Hsiu Fu was found guilty of strangling her 8-year-old twin daughters and 1-year-old son in her home.

She tried to kill herself afterward.

The verdict on Tuesday says the 41-year-old woman was found to be of sound mind at the time of the murders.

Court papers show the murders were preceded by a bitter custody battle with her Finnish husband who was living separately from her at the time of the murders.

A life sentence in Finland mean convicts usually serve at least 11 years in prison.

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Paternity fraud: Is it or should it be a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada?

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Who Knows Father Best?

Feminist organizations including the National Organization of Women (NOW) has objected to legislation that requires the courts to vacate paternity judgments against men who arent, in fact, the father.

Think about that. NOW wants some man, any man, to make child support payments. The woman who doesnt even know who the father is, should not be held responsible for her actions, is a sweet, loving, blameless mother who seeks only to care for her child and if naming some schmuck as father who never saw her before in his life helps her provide for the innocent babe, well then, that's fine.

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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Tricked 'fathers' may get bill's help

Michael Lautar was devastated when he learned his first wife was cheating on him, and then crushed to discover the then 5-year-old girl who called him "Daddy" wasn't really his daughter.

Next came the sucker punch.

Lautar is under court order to pay nearly $800 a month in child support and other expenses, despite the fact his ex-wife has admitted in Allegheny County court papers that Lautar is not the girl's father. The child was born during their marriage. After the couple divorced, the mother married the girl's biological father. The mother, the father and the daughter live together in Moon, according to papers filed in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.

"I'm stuck in this rip-off, this fraud," said Lautar, 40, of North Strabane. "It's paternity fraud, is what it is. ... And the state is enforcing this fraud."

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Men wage battle on 'paternity fraud'

USA TODAY, by Martin Kasindorf, December 12, 2002

An acid sense of betrayal has been gnawing at Damon Adams since a DNA test showed that he is not the father of a 10-year-old girl born during his former marriage.

"Something changes in your heart," says Adams, 51, a dentist in Traverse City, Mich. "When she walks through the door, you're seeing the product of an affair."

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