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"Quebec police issue Amber Alert for four-year-old girl"

Globe and Mail, Canadian Press,  JULY 03, 2004

Longueuil, Que. - Police have issued an Amber Alert for a four-year-old girl they say was taken by her mother.

Police in Longueuil, south of Montreal, say Sophie Cayer, 30, fled with her daughter, Megane Ladouceur, late Friday night. Police think Ms. Cayer's mother, Huguette Lareau, 58, is with them.

Police spokesman Gaetan Durocher said Ms. Cayer left letters in the family home that threatened suicide and possible harm to her daughter.

"In these [letters], she was saying she might bring Megane with her," Mr. Durocher said. "The life of the young girl, the life of the mother and also the life of the grandmother are in danger. That's why we had to do the Amber Alert, to [track down] these people as soon as possible."

Police said Megane's parents were going through a divorce and custody battle.

It's the second time the family has been in the news this year.

In May, Megane's father, Eric Ladouceur, lost a leg after a bomb placed in his car exploded when he turned on the ignition.

Police said at the time that the computer worker, 40, had complained of being threatened.

Investigators have made no arrests.

Ms. Ladouceur has no criminal record and was not known to police.

Police said they are treating the car bomb and kidnapping as separate.

"It's too soon to make a link between these two events," Mr. Durocher said.

Eric Ladouceur is still recovering from his injuries in a Longueuil hospital and is under 24-hour police protection, Mr. Durocher said.

Police gave no details on his reaction to his daughter's kidnapping.

The public had called in over 100 tips by late Saturday afternoon.

"We've received a lot of information and our investigators are trying to evaluate it," Mr. Durocher said. "But so far, we have no clues where they are, or where they are going."

Mr. Durocher did not say how police were alerted to the girl's disappearance.

Ms. Cayer was believed to be driving a red, four-door Nissan Altima with Quebec licence plate 302 HTS.

The Amber Alert system is used across North America when police suspect a child has been abducted.

The alert quickly disseminates information to highway billboards, broadcasters and newspapers.

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The Invisible Boy: Revisioning the Victimization of Male Children and Teens

"... the existence of a double standard in the care and treatment of male victims, and the invisibility and normalization of violence and abuse toward boys and young men in our society.

Despite the fact that over 300 books and articles on male victims have been published in the last 25 to 30 years, boys and teen males remain on the periphery of the discourse on child abuse.

Few workshops about males can be found at most child abuse conferences and there are no specialized training programs for clinicians. Male-centred assessment is all but non-existent and treatment programs are rare. If we are talking about adult males, the problem is even greater. A sad example of this was witnessed recently in Toronto. After a broadcast of The Boys of St. Vincent, a film about the abuse of boys in a church-run orphanage, the Kids' Help Phone received over 1,000 calls from distraught adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It is tragic in a way no words can capture that these men had no place to turn to other than a children's crisis line." Read More ..