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Men should have reproductive choice, too

Letter to the editor

The Ottawa Citizen, Published: Thursday, March 23, 2006

Re: Roe vs. Wade for men, March 20.

Kudos to 25-year-old Matt Dubay for his courage to challenge the almighty wrath of the feminist dictatorship on issues affecting children.

Since the decades-old Roe vs. Wade ruling, men, although contributing 23 chromosomes, have been totally deprived of any parental input. As Mr. Dubay says, "Whatever a man has to say is simply ignored."

In the event of a relationship breakdown involving children, fathers are relegated to bi-weekly visitors and are called "deadbeat dads." If they desire more contact than awarded by the feminized courts, they are overwhelmingly denied; when they maintain the status quo they're accused of not taking enough interest. Fatherhood has become a two-fold undertaking; sperm donor and walking wallet.

The pendulum of equality has swung too far. In the U.S. and Canada, which espouse equality regardless of gender, the dissimulation of men continues unabated. Clearly, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

I wish Mr. Dubay the best of luck and look forward to the court's decision, though I'm not holding my breath.

Joe Rade,


The Ottawa Citizen 2006

Paternity Fraud
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96% of women are liars, honest

5,000 women polled

Half the women said that if they became pregnant by another man but wanted to stay with their partner, they would lie about the baby's real father.

Forty-two per cent would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, no matter the wishes of their partner.


Women who kill their children are given sympathy and sentenced to "treatment" while men who do the same thing are charged with murder and sentenced to life.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that women are many times more likely to murder their offspring than men. 

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Women don't throw rocks at men

On a recent trip out to a local mall on a Saturday evening, I was picking through the T-shirts for teenagers when I spotted one with the words "Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them."

I'm used to seeing variations on the Girl Power theme when I'm in these stores but I was shocked to see something so negative about boys. As the mother of both a boy and a girl, I felt sick when I saw the slogan. I felt even worse when I logged onto the website of the retailer who sells these products. They are designed and manufactured by a clothing company called David & Goliath, based in Clearwater, Fla.

I was not happy to see a list of so-called funny slogans: Boys Lie, Poke Em in the Eye; Boys are Goobers, Drop Anvils on Their Heads; Lobotomy, How to Train Boys; If Boys are So Tough, Why are They So Afraid of Knives (this with a picture of a boy running away with knives in the air); or Tape Can Be Fun, a T-shirt with a boy's mouth covered in tape. One of the T-shirts is actually featured in the February issue of YM magazine this year.

Can't you just imagine the hue and cry if the word girl was inserted into all of these