Hatred for Males

Anti-Male Bias and Abuse of Boys as a Fad

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For the past five years, the feminist-promoted trend of "girl power" has gradually evolved into what has now become a conceited, self-righteous pop-culture fad of hatred towards boys. Recently, the David and Goliath T-shirt Company's "Boys are Stupid" line of T-shirts and merchandise has gained popularity with girls, making a fashion statement out of promoting hatred, sexism and abuse against boys - in the name of "fun" and humor.

Despite the pervasive popularity of male bashing and boy-neglect in the past decade, men have been largely silent in demanding and end to this reactive sexism. Corporations are cashing in on this opportunity. However, with the arrival of the David and Goliath "Boys are Stupid" product line, male activists such as Glenn Sacks, as well as women and girls, have been demanding that stores immediately cease carrying these offensive products. Several chain stores have complied, including Claire's and Bon Macys. However, David and Goliath itself remains firm that the shirts are their biggest sellers, and will not be pulled from production.

The anti-male radical feminism of this decade has strayed embarrassingly far from the feminism of the 1960s, which sought to promote equality between two equally valuable sexes. Unfortunately, by the pendulum swinging so far to the other side, we are now creating a hostile, hateful social climate for little boys and are promoting more derision and differences between the sexes-- certainly the opposite of fostering respect for one another. Girls are being taught the wrong message, also- that in order to build up their self esteems they must be hateful, aggressive and disrespectful towards boys. Isn't this creating the very sort of inhumane, chauvinistic behavior that the 60's feminists wanted to abolish?

Unfortunately, our sons, grandsons and nephews are suffering the consequences of this mainstreaming of anti-boy bias. The thought of a little boy that I care about having rocks thrown at him, or having his eye enucleated because a conceited little girl saw it glamorized on a t-shirt frightens me. Young children are very literal and impressionable. Even if no little girls take the commands literally to throw rocks, anvils and feces at boys, it is abusive enough for any child, boy or girl, to even be in the presence of these shirts. Mothers, fathers: Would you allow your son to wear a shirt that read, "Girls make great pets, every boy should own one"? Would you buy an accessory for your son that read, "Lobotomy: How to train girls"? Why then, would you allow your daughter to wear or have such items?

If the sex was reversed on the David and Goliath shirts, and the message was "Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them", every feminist group in the nation would be rioting, up in arms. There would be a feature story on the cover of the NY Times or TIME magazine. The American Psychological Association would put out an issue on society's hatred and abuse of females. However, despite the popularity of these shirts, the outrage has been outrageously weak. Media coverage has been pathetically quiet.

If you feel your boys are worth more than that, please speak out by contacting David and Goliath

Email: info@davidandgoliathtees.com

Address: 1230 South Myrtle Avenue Suite#401, Clearwater, Fl 33756

Phone: 727-462-6205

and demand that they cease selling this offensive, derogatory merchandise! If you see this merchandise, demand that the store cease from carrying these items. Involve your children- both boys and girls- in speaking out against these hateful shirts. If your children are in Boy or Girl Scouts, or in Girl, Inc., ask that the group campaign against the David and Goliath "Boys Are Stupid" merchandise line.

National Post - Canada

The mean T-shirt: From the Stupid Factory
Todd Goldman says his popular boy-bashing T-shirts are simply funny.

So why are retailers having second thoughts?

The National Post, Georgie Binks, Saturday Post, May 29, 2004

Three teenaged girls, ponytails swinging, riffle through the T-shirts at a Bluenotes clothing store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre. They giggle when they spy a T-shirt with the words, "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" emblazoned on the front. Lisa Sanzo, 16, shakes her head, "They're pretty stupid, kind of childish. I would never buy one."

LA Chain Agrees to Pull 'Boys are Stupid' T-Shirts After Storm of Protest from His Side Listeners

Men's News Daily
January 6, 2004

The campaign began Sunday evening at 9 PM, and by 9 AM the next morning, it was all over.

Men's and fathers' issues radio talk show host Glenn Sacks declared a campaign against Tilly's clothing store, which sells T-shirts which say "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" , during the Sunday, January 4 broadcast of His Side with Glenn Sacks in Los Angeles and Seattle. The shirts depict a little boy running away as several rocks come flying at his head.

The next morning Tilly's, which has 32 locations in Southern California, was deluged with angry e-mails and phone calls. Sam Mendelsohn, Tilly's Senior Vice President, issued a statement Monday morning saying he had "immediately instructed the removal of merchandise in question [throw rocks] from all locations." Mendelsohn expressed his "sincere apologies regarding the merchandise." Read More ..

Canadian Press - New Brunswick woman ruled responsible in burning of baby's body

New Brunswick woman ruled responsible in burning of baby's body

ST. STEPHEN, N.B. - A New Brunswick judge says a woman who burned and dismembered her newborn son is criminally responsible for her actions.

Becky Sue Morrow earlier pleaded guilty to offering an indignity to a dead body and disposing of a newborn with the intent of concealing a delivery.

Judge David Walker ruled Friday that the 27-year-old woman may have been suffering from a mental disorder when she delivered the baby but that that was not the case when the baby's body was burned and its remains hidden.

It is not known if the baby was alive at the time of birth.

At a hearing last month, the court heard contrasting reports from the two psychiatrists. One said Ms. Morrow was in a "disassociated" mental state when the crime occurred. The other said she clearly planned her actions and understood the consequences.