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Canadian Press

Toronto child-porn probe nets 73 suspects worldwide

Investigation started in November, grew into global search with suspects in 20 countries, police say

Canadian Press - Brampton, Ontario, March 30, 2010

A Toronto-area child-pornography arrest has led to a sweeping investigation uncovering 73 suspects in 20 countries, police said Tuesday.

The investigation began last November with the arrest of a 29-year-old man in Brampton, Ont., on child-pornography and sexual-assault charges, police said.

That probe went global, culminating in police gathering evidence against the 73 suspects.

This kind of offence knows no bounds in the Internet age, police said.

"While the Internet has evolved and shown its potential to assist society is endless . . . we need to remember that there are people out there whose use of the Internet will destroy the lives of our children and their families," said Peel Region Staff Supt. John Nielsen.

Insp. Bob Strain said offenders are using increasingly sophisticated technology.

The complexity increases the work for police forces to keep up, which Strain said, emphasizes the need for projects like this one, involving multiple police forces.

"The victimization of a child has a lifetime effect on their lives, their loved ones and the community at large," he said Police said the evidence will be shared with police forces around the world.

Two files caused immediate concern for the safety of children and led to two arrests, one in Maine and one in Britain, Strain said.

Provincial police Det.-Staff Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt said the investigation is proof of how pervasive child pornography is in Ontario and across the world.

Lesbians who split up sue sperm donor for child financial support

Two lesbians sue sperm donor for child financial support when the lesbians split up.

Divorced Dads:
Shattering the Myths

Dr. Sandford L. Braver and Diane O'Connell

picture book Divorced dads: Shattering the Myths

This is the result of the largest federally funded 8 year study of the issues confronting parents and their children in the United States.

Shattering the Myths. The surprising truth about fathers, children and divorce.

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Landmark Ruling Grants Father Custody of Children

PA News (U.K.), July 3, 2004

A key court decision to grant a father custody of his daughters after the mother flouted contact orders for four years was today welcomed by campaigners.

Fathers 4 Justice said that the High Court ruling was a vital victory and called for more judges to take a similar stance when faced with resistant parents.

The comments come after Mrs Justice Bracewell transferred the residence of two young girls to their father because the mother persistently refused him contact, despite court orders.  Read More ..

Family Conflict and Suicide Rates Among Men

by Dr. Hazel McBride Ph.D. June 9-10, 1995

Violence and Abuse within the Family: The Neglected Issues

A public hearing sponsored by The Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools on June 9-10, 1995 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Transcript of Dr. Hazel McBride's presentation on the relationship between family conflict and suicide rates among men.

Toxic Parents Study Australia

Sydney Morning Herald

The sins of the mothers

The Sydney Morning Herald
September 12, 2008

Wayne Warburton, a research fellow at Macquarie University's Children and Families Research Centre, said: "Mothers have a really powerful effect on the way their kids view the world and themselves, probably because kids spend Read More with their mothers, especially in the crucial early years." Dr Warburton asked 441 university students to fill out detailed questionnaires on the parenting styles of their mothers and fathers, and on their own patterns of thinking. He asked them to recall 72 parenting behaviours, including "making a child feel ashamed", being unloving or rejecting, and frequently telling the child they were stupid or would fail. He also asked questions designed to uncover destructive thinking patterns in the students, such as being "clingy" out of a fear of being abandoned. He found young adults were two-thirds as likely to develop unhelpful patterns of thinking if the toxic parenting they had experienced came from their father rather than their mother.   Read More ..