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Mothers Who Kill Their Children

Mother kills son with rod and hangs him

India By: Naveeta Singh, September 2, 2004

This story will shake your faith in the belief that a mother can never harm her own child.

On April 14, 30-year-old Dilip Bhosale was killed by his mother Kamlabai alias Kevlabai Bhosale (59) with an iron rod at Morarjinagar in Powai. She then hung his body from a fan. Dilip was staying with her for the past one year and was frequently unemployed.

All it took her to hit him on the head with an iron rod was his demand for money. One day, when he asked her for Rs 2,000, she got enraged and hit him with the rod, which killed him.

Then along with her daughter Asha Ravi Patil (30), tenant Suresh Shirsekar (30), second husband Firoz Khan (35) and his sons Shaikh Babu Khan (20) and Shaikh Qasim Kader Badshah (35), she took the body to Wagholi in Latur and disposed it.

To ensure that the blame for the murder did not fall on them, Kamlabai and two others went to her son-in-law Ravi Patil' s home with Dilip' s dead body and told him that they wanted to take him to the hospital, as he was not well.

“I refused because I am not on talking terms with them and my wife Asha (Kamlabai' s daughter) has also left me,” says Patil.

A week after the incident, Kamlabai' s neighbour who had witnessed the hanging told Ravi about it, who filed a complaint with inspector Pathan of Powai police station.

“I tried to file a police complaint but it was not registered,” says Patil. “As a result, I wrote applications to various ministers and government officials requesting them to conduct an inquiry into this matter,” he adds.

Finally, an investigation was started with inspector E R Shiralkar, Powai police station, in charge. All six accused have been arrested.

However Asha Patil, the victim' s sister said, “How can I kill my own brother? My husband has deliberately hatched this plot, as I don't stay with him.”