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Teacher's Sex Trial Begins

NBC5i TV, Dallas-Fortworth, Texas, U.S.A.,  August 2, 2005

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A 13-year-old boy took the witness stand in the Tarrant County Courthouse Tuesday to testify against a teacher at a Catholic school. The boy told jurors that he and the teacher had a sexual relationship, and that she promised the boy she would leave her husband so she and the boy could get married when he turned 18.

Dawn Reiser notes

The allegations of sexual contact included episodes of bondage, during which 30-year-old Dawn Reiser is accused of tying up the boy to engage in repeated sexual encounters. The prosecution produced scarves allegedly used by Reiser to bind the boy.

The jury also saw love letters allegedly sent by Reiser to the boy. A DNA expert testified about saliva that sealed the envelopes.

"It is my opinion that to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty the contributor of that female DNA is Dawn Reiser," DNA expert Constance Patton said.

Dawn Reiser

The boy testified that he had sex with Reiser nine times during one rendezvous. Reiser allegedly sent a letter concerning that particular sexual encounter to the boy while he attended a Bible camp.

"In the letter, what is she referencing in 'all night' ?" prosecutor Mitch Poe asked the boy.

"The sex. That it was great all nine times we had sex," the boy answered.

Poe also asked the teenager if Reiser collected and disposed of used condoms, to which the boy responded, "Yes sir."

Final arguments in the trial take place Wednesday. If convicted of the charges, Reiser faces life in prison.

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