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Stay at Home Dads- Roles of Fathers and Parents - Canada

Dads no longer playing a supporting parenting role

Sudbury, Ontario, BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN,  June 17, 2005

Sidney Osmond has been around to see a lot of things most dads never do. He's witnessed his 18-month-old son, Sidney Osmond Jr., learn to sit up on his own, eat solid food, crawl, take his first steps and speak his first words.

The federal government allows dads such as Sidney Osmond to take a five-year family leave. Sidney Jr. approves. When the baby has a temper tantrum, Sidney is the one to soothe him, and when he wants to watch his favourite Thomas the Train DVD, he pushes play on the remote.

Sidney is a stay-at-home dad. When his wife, Chantal, became pregnant, they decided he would take a leave of absence from his job at Human Resources Development Canada and care for the baby.