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Former Army Paratrooper Faces Paternity Fraud

U.S. Newswire, ATLANTA, Nov. 12, 2003

Former Army paratrooper, Walter "Buddy" Everhart, of Powder Springs, Ga., was married for fourteen years in a union that produced five children, or so he thought. After his divorce, his world was turned upside down when he learned that three, and possibly four, of the children he thought were his biologically, are not. DNA testing has conclusively proved it, according to the National Family Justice Association.

Everhart said, "I am shocked and hurt by this revelation, as anyone would be. Adding insult to injury, I had to file for bankruptcy and my second wife and little boy are suffering, too. How is it in the best interests of anyone for our family to go under financially trying to support another man's children, when we already know the truth?"

For years, 66 percent of Everhart's take home pay was sent to his ex-wife as child support. Adding to the financial hardship, Everhart, a Financial Software Consultant, was laid off in August.

Now Everhart faces a hearing on November 18, 2003, in Carrollton to determine whether he will still be legally forced to pay $2800 per month in child support for another man's children. If he is released, he will be the third man to have been released using the new Georgia paternity law that relieves men from future and past child support payments for children proven by DNA testing not to be theirs.

His legal battle thus far has not been easy. Everhart said, "Prior to the new paternity fraud law being enacted, the court listened to the testimony of my ex-wife and the bio-dad where they both admitted that I may not be the father of two of the children born during the marriage. The result was the court denied my motion for DNA testing and entered an order barring me from seeking testing under penalty of contempt and being thrown in jail."

In a hearing in June 2003, He presented a DNA test proving that the youngest child was not his biologically. Nevertheless, the judge told Everhart that he would not order testing on the remaining children.

"Buddy had to fight all the way to the Georgia Supreme court just to get the right to a DNA test and failed, " said Carnell Smith, executive director of the National Family Justice Association (NFJA). "This is no way to treat our military men, nor any human being. Unfortunately, military men nationwide are especially vulnerable to paternity fraud. This man served his country, and it shouldn't be this difficult for a veteran nor any man and his family to get justice," said Smith.

Carnell Smith, of Atlanta, was the driving force behind the landmark Georgia paternity fraud legislation that became law on May 9, 2002.

Everhart's attorney, Donald A. Weissman, Esq., said, "I am pleased that the legislature saw fit to provide a remedy for men whose companions have materially deceived them into believing that they are financially responsible for children when that is not the case. The tragedy is that by maintaining this deception the mother effectively destroys the relationship between the children and the deceived father; and totally deprives the children of knowing their biological father."

As his ex-wife wishes, Everhart has had no access to the children for 2 years although he has tried to be there for them.

Everhart said, "With the financial burden that I have been placed under by the courts for support, I barely have enough income left to feed my current family - my wife and my little boy, much less have any kind of meaningful visitation. Even though the DNA tests show that the children are not mine, I still love them. How can you unlove a child? It's a painful situation that affects me, the children and my entire family but there are other people that created the situation and they are escaping responsibility for their action."

"Somebody please warn our military men about paternity fraud," said Carnell Smith.

Paternity Fraud
UK National Survey

Paternity fraud survey statistics

Scotland's National Newspaper

96% of women are liars, honest

5,000 women polled

Half the women said that if they became pregnant by another man but wanted to stay with their partner, they would lie about the baby's real father.

Forty-two per cent would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, no matter the wishes of their partner.

Globe and Mail - Paternity Fraud statistics for Canada

Canada's largest
national newspaper

Mommy's little secret

The article contains info about children's identity fraud at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

December 14, 2002.

Includes interview with employees of Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who admit they deny children's identity information to husbands/male partners of mothers who want to hide the real identity of their child because they had an affair. The U.N. Convention on the Rights of The Child specifically supports a child's human right to have a relationship with both his/her biological parents. In addition, this article is proof that The Hospital for Sick Children ("Sick Kids") supports paternity fraud.

Further "Sick Kids" supports a mother's rights only, which they view, supersedes 3 other people's rights, namely, the rights of the biological father, the rights of the mother's male partner/husband and the child's identity rights.

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One in 25 fathers 'not the daddy'

Up to one in 25 dads could unknowingly be raising another man's child, UK health researchers estimate.

Increasing use of genetic testing for medical and legal reasons means Read More ..uples are discovering the biological proof of who fathered the child.

The Liverpool John Moores University team reached its estimate based on research findings published between 1950 and 2004.

The study appears in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Biological father
Professor Mark Bellis and his team said that the implications of so-called paternal discrepancy were huge and largely ignored, even though the incidence was increasing.

In the US, the number of paternity tests increased from 142,000 in 1991 to 310,490 in 2001.

Paternity Fraud - Spain Supreme Court - Civil Damages

Daily Mail UK

Adulterous woman ordered to pay husband £177,000 in 'moral damages'

The Daily Mail, UK
18th February 2009

An adulterous Spanish woman who conceived three children with her lover has been ordered to pay £177,000 in 'moral damages' to her husband.

The cuckolded man had believed that the three children were his until a DNA test eventually proved they were fathered by another man.

The husband, who along with the other man cannot be named for legal reasons to protect the children's identities, suspected his second wife may have been unfaithful in 2001.

Sydney Morning Herald

Biology, not heart, provokes women's infidelity

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
January 15, 2009

BEAUTIFUL women who have affairs can now blame it on their sex hormones.

Women with higher levels of oestradiol, a form of oestrogen, not only look and feel more attractive, they are also more likely to cheat on their partners, a new study has found.

One-night-stands are not what interest these flirtatious females, who tend to have bigger breasts, relatively small waists and symmetrical faces as a result of their high levels of oestradiol.

Rather, they adopt a strategy of serial monogamy, say the researchers, led by Kristina Durante of the University of Texas.

Paternity Fraud & the Criminal Code of Canada

Paternity fraud: Is it or should it be a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada?

You be the judge.

Independent Women's Forum

Who Knows Father Best?

Feminist organizations including the National Organization of Women (NOW) has objected to legislation that requires the courts to vacate paternity judgments against men who arent, in fact, the father.

Think about that. NOW wants some man, any man, to make child support payments. The woman who doesnt even know who the father is, should not be held responsible for her actions, is a sweet, loving, blameless mother who seeks only to care for her child and if naming some schmuck as father who never saw her before in his life helps her provide for the innocent babe, well then, that's fine.

Innocence is no excuse. Pay up.   Read More ..