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NOW Attacks Sacks, Belittles Campaign Against 'Boys are Stupid' Clothing

April 1, 2004, By Pat Cangelosi

Helen Grieco, Executive Director of the National Organization for Women, California chapter, attacked men's and fathers' rights columnist and talk show host Glenn Sacks, labeling him a " women-bashing, backlash shock-jock radio host" in a Christian Science Monitor feature story published today.

Grieco also belittled the importance of Sacks' highly publicized campaign against 'Boys are Stupid' clothing, saying "[At NOW we] don't have time for T-shirt campaigns."

Sacks began the campaign in December when he urged his radio show listeners and supporters to pressure retailers into removing the products. In six weeks the products were knocked out of 3,500 retail outlets-- over 95% of the outlets where they were previously available. The campaign received worldwide media attention, and was covered in most American newspapers, as well as by hundreds of television and radio stations, and in magazines such as TIME and Forbes.

Matt Campbell of the National Coalition for Free Men fired back at NOW, noting "any outspoken men's rights advocate standing up for true gender equity in our society gets criticized and labeled marginal and not representative...feminists want to keep our issues on the back burner."

Along with the feature story on Sacks, "Bashing boys is, like, not OK" by Danna Harman, the Monitor is running a reader poll on the question: "Is there a need for a men's rights movement in the United States?" The possible answers are "No. Men still enjoy a privileged position" and "Yes. Casual male-bashing has become too commonplace." To vote, click here. To send a letter to the Monitor for publication, click here

Sacks has attacked California NOW on several occasions, including his recent column "California NOW Spits on My Wife" (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 2/23/04), which criticizes NOW's support of a mother who seeks to remove her ex-husband from their sons' lives in the LaMusga move-away case in the California Supreme Court.  Sacks also took on California NOW in his columns "California NOW's Family Court Report 2002: Faulty Research, False Conclusions" (Los Angeles Daily Journal, 7/11/02), "Fathers Bear the Brunt of Gender Bias in Family Courts" (Insight magazine, 8/19/02) and "California Men's College Sports Under Assault from NOW" (Los Angeles Daily Journal, 10/29/01).

According to the Monitor, Grieco also believes that "when men like Sacks broadcast misinformation, skew statistics, and attack women's rights in order to advance their own cause, they are only harming everyone's agenda."

Grieco has been invited to appear on Sacks' Los Angeles-based radio show, His Side with Glenn Sacks,  on two occasions in the past several months. Sacks offered Grieco and California NOW the chance to debate Nancy Pfotenhauer of the Independent Women's Forum on the proper direction for the women's movement around the time of NOW's annual conference last July.  In February, Grieco was invited to debate President Bush's Marriage Initiative, of which NOW has been very critical, with Stephen Baskerville of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children and Rozario Slack of First Things First. Both invitations were declined.

"I would have given Helen the chance to express her views, as I do whenever I have an opposition guest," Sacks noted. "No guest who has ever appeared on my show can ever say that I was anything but a gentleman."

Sacks added that his invitation to Grieco and California NOW is still open.

Sacks also criticized certain aspects of the Christian Science Monitor story, saying "Harman  [the CSM writer] was either edited improperly or fed a line by the anti-male feminists she interviewed after me. She quoted me on the boy crisis in education and then omitted all the indices I detailed which demonstrate how dramatically boys have fallen behind girls in school."

"She quoted my criticism of the '1 in 4 college women raped' myth as if it was something I made up, when the  study upon which it was based has been widely discredited for 15 years.  Rape is an underreported crime but the U.S. Department of Education's study of rape reports to campus police--counting assaults both on and off campus--show less than one rape per three campuses per year."

Sacks also criticized the writer's dismissive reference to his "15 minutes of fame." He noted:

"Of course I'm a minor leaguer in a very competitive business. But while the publicity for the T-shirt campaign was great, it was hardly my first foray into major media. I've made hundreds of radio and TV appearances, on many of the biggest shows in the country. My columns have been published over 100 times in dozens of the largest newspapers in the US--and as a male writing pro-male, pro-father pieces, no less. Do you have any idea how difficult that is?"

Grieco counterposed the campaign against 'Boys are Stupid' products with NOW's work combating sharia rulings in Nigeria which call for unfaithful wives to be stoned to death, saying "I spend every day on life-and-death issues." According to Sacks:

"It's wonderful to see American feminists fighting against anti-woman barbarism in Nigeria. I only wish it were true that this is what NOW devotes its time to. California NOW spends most of its time trying to help selfish, vengeful women drive loving fathers out of their children's lives, as in the LaMusga case and in bills NOW has sponsored."

"Since NOW does good work in Africa and destructive work here in the United States, perhaps the solution is simply for NOW to pick up and move to Nigeria. I'm sure millions of American men will gladly chip in to help pay their plane fare."

National Post - Canada

The mean T-shirt: From the Stupid Factory
Todd Goldman says his popular boy-bashing T-shirts are simply funny.

So why are retailers having second thoughts?

The National Post, Georgie Binks, Saturday Post, May 29, 2004

Three teenaged girls, ponytails swinging, riffle through the T-shirts at a Bluenotes clothing store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre. They giggle when they spy a T-shirt with the words, "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" emblazoned on the front. Lisa Sanzo, 16, shakes her head, "They're pretty stupid, kind of childish. I would never buy one."

Anti-Male Bias and Abuse of Boys as a Fad

Laurie A. Couture

Lobotomy Bays are Dumb Math Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks at Them Boys are Stupid Poke Them in the Eye Boys are Poop Bays are Stupid Boys Hit them with an Anvil Boys make them cry

For the past five years, the feminist-promoted trend of "girl power" has gradually evolved into what has now become a conceited, self-righteous pop-culture fad of hatred towards boys. Recently, the David and Goliath T-shirt Company's "Boys are Stupid" line of T-shirts and merchandise has gained popularity with girls, making a fashion statement out of promoting hatred, sexism and abuse against boys - in the name of "fun" and humor.

Despite the pervasive popularity of male bashing and boy-neglect in the past decade, men have been largely silent in demanding and end to this reactive sexism. Corporations are cashing in on this opportunity. However, with the arrival of the David and Goliath "Boys are Stupid" product line, male activists such as Glenn Sacks, as well as women and girls, have been demanding that stores immediately cease carrying these offensive products. Several chain stores have complied, including Claire's and Bon Macys. However, David and Goliath itself remains firm that the shirts are their biggest sellers, and will not be pulled from production.

The anti-male radical feminism of this decade has strayed embarrassingly far from the feminism of the 1960s, which sought to promote equality between two equally valuable sexes.

LA Chain Agrees to Pull 'Boys are Stupid' T-Shirts After Storm of Protest from His Side Listeners

Men's News Daily
January 6, 2004

The campaign began Sunday evening at 9 PM, and by 9 AM the next morning, it was all over.

Men's and fathers' issues radio talk show host Glenn Sacks declared a campaign against Tilly's clothing store, which sells T-shirts which say "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" , during the Sunday, January 4 broadcast of His Side with Glenn Sacks in Los Angeles and Seattle. The shirts depict a little boy running away as several rocks come flying at his head.

The next morning Tilly's, which has 32 locations in Southern California, was deluged with angry e-mails and phone calls. Sam Mendelsohn, Tilly's Senior Vice President, issued a statement Monday morning saying he had "immediately instructed the removal of merchandise in question [throw rocks] from all locations." Mendelsohn expressed his "sincere apologies regarding the merchandise." Read More ..

Canadian Press - New Brunswick woman ruled responsible in burning of baby's body

New Brunswick woman ruled responsible in burning of baby's body

ST. STEPHEN, N.B. - A New Brunswick judge says a woman who burned and dismembered her newborn son is criminally responsible for her actions.

Becky Sue Morrow earlier pleaded guilty to offering an indignity to a dead body and disposing of a newborn with the intent of concealing a delivery.

Judge David Walker ruled Friday that the 27-year-old woman may have been suffering from a mental disorder when she delivered the baby but that that was not the case when the baby's body was burned and its remains hidden.

It is not known if the baby was alive at the time of birth.

At a hearing last month, the court heard contrasting reports from the two psychiatrists. One said Ms. Morrow was in a "disassociated" mental state when the crime occurred. The other said she clearly planned her actions and understood the consequences.